Saturday, June 2, 2012

My Favorite Teacher

Over the past few weeks I have had the opportunity to talk with all of my former teachers and a few former students.  I have realized a very important aspect of my relationship with these people.  All of them made me feel like their favorite student and I tried my best to make all of students feel the same way.  The interesting thing, I truly believe all of my students were my favorite.

John Rojak speaks about this particular aspect of his teaching consistently.  John Coffee, Rojak's teacher, had this quality in his teaching and thankfully his students are passing down the trend.

In modern educational theory, building relationships with your students is very important.  These relationships allow for communication and understanding in the classroom and a lasting impression in life.  These relationships not only help the student listen and understand the teacher, but allow the teacher to truly listen to the student.  A strong relationship with your students can drastically change the way you communicate with them and help them along on their quest to become peers.

Many many thanks to John Rojak, Pete Norton, Brad Edwards, Dave Ball, and Dave Day.

Current listening: Tower Music performed by the 2010 CCM trombone choir