Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sport Psychology and Music

I have been away for awhile and I am working on some pretty exciting stuff.  But this morning, I am inspired to revisit a topic that fascinates our industry.

It is without a doubt, in the world of high level performance mental training and thought are very important. In the music industry we have taken inspiration from the Inner Game of Tennis and Outliers.  Both of these books outline the mental and physical preparation it takes to achieve in competitive sports.

With the Olympics around the corner, I have always been more excited about the preparation of these athletes.  What they have achieved with their mind and bodies is unequaled in the human existence and can only be described as awe-inspiring.

I have been talking about Lindsey Vonn's documentary on Netflix for years. She can only train for her sport, skiing, for three months every year.  In her documentary she discusses cross training and other summer activities.  However, the most inspiring moment in the film is when she finally starts taking practice runs.  You would think, she is take as many as possible every day.

Instead, seven runs a day, with three coaches, four or five video cameras, and an entire line of ski equipment to choose from.  If high level audition training had that much thought, think what we could achieve.  (Get as close as you can, record yourself)

Also, musicians are wimps.  We loose on average 17 auditions before winning 1.  We all know musicians who after 5 or 6 auditions, throw in the towel or crash under the mental pressure.  At least we don't physically hurt ourselves.

Winter sport athletes are insane. Lindsey Vonn crashed in Japan and was told she might be able to walk in a few months.  Instead she finished all of her events in the Olympics that week.  This morning I saw Simon Dumont promo video for freestyle skiing.  Listen to his list of injuries then tell me winning an audition is too difficult.