Friday, July 12, 2013

Trio for Soprano Sax, Bass Trombone, and Piano

Youtube Video
July 4th Concert
Enschede, the Netherlands

I had the pleasure of working with Iris Gruber and Hans van der Werf on Daniel Schnyder's Trio.  This piece marked a huge development in my growth as a musician.  The jazz inspired style combined with technically challenging rhythms and the wide tessitura were demanding. However, Iris and Hans created a working atmosphere where we could focus on style.  Overall the experience was very enjoyable.

We performed the piece three times

July 2, 2013 on Iris' Endexam
July 4, 2013 on my recital
July 10, 2013 on a graduation concert.

While working on the piece I had the pleasure of visiting Stefan Schulz in Berlin.  Stefan is a good friend of the composer and the two perform together regularly.  We spoke about some technical aspects, but Stefan had nothing but great things to say about Daniel's music.